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Akans and Britons have a long history of allegiance. British Naval History documents that Akans in Ghana set up locations of fortitude along the Guinea Coastline. Elmina Castle, once run as a Slave Trading Fort, eventually was transformed into a British Naval Station, as well as Christianbourgh Castle. This evidence of allegiance and confederation can settle itself well in the strength of Commonwealth United Kingdom, with Ghana and Jamaica as active partners in Commonwealth Reform and Practice of Equity for Societal Value. Commonwealth United Kingdom is one of the Wealthiest and most expansive economies globally with China and Hong Kong as informal and formal respective partners in growth. As the Commonwealth expands its grasp of empirical value, the globe shall see forth the Greatness of the United Kingdom Commonwealth Peoples. The Commonwealth now includes, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Jamaica and other nations populated in masse by Black Africans and Blacks of the Diaspora.
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