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The Commonwealth of Great Britain's United Kingdom was founded to ensure posterity and prudence within Global International Relations. Provisional justice was accorded in 1807 with the Abolition Acts passed by United Kingdom's Parliament. With such laws in affordance, the British Navy raided ships, with the aformer Lord Dunmore commencing the raids in the 1770's, and worked to end de jure slavery in America before 1865. The Writ of Habeas Corpus Case in 1841, noted in Mystic Connecticut was a relegant movement towards freedom for indentured servants and slaves within USA and Royal Areas of Commonwealth United Kingdom. One particular case noted by Lord Dunmore's Diaries indicates that when a Chief of a specific village was enslaved along with a Former British Captain in the Royal Navy by Spanish Marauding Pirates in the High Seas or Harbours of Guinea Gulf, an intervening UK Naval Ship witnessed Sea Serpents approach a Spanish / Portuguese Pirate Vessel and actually assist the British Royal Navy in a Canon Battle that led to the capture of the vessel to free the Enslaved Akan Chief and the captive British Naval Captain. The title was intended as a term of dignity and enlistees likely interpreted it as such. While most of the runaways who reached British lines during the war performed essential manual labour as "Pioneers", Dunmore trained, armed and ultimately, sent Ethiopian Regiments into battle fighting with the British Navies {Dunmore's New World - James Corbett David [Page 108]}.
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