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Comprehending Livity, Inity and Remembering Betterment Clauses for Rastafarians allowances them to a provisioned humanity inafforded to many facing poverty in War Torn Nations. One instance of injustice in Africa does not relegate the entire continent to a place of despair. The changes of the new century have reached many Commonwealth Citizens and the rights afforded to Commonwealth Citizens shall be afforded to others in Former German, French, Belgian, Portuguese and Spanish Colonies. Unfortunately, the Wars and Conflict associated with the economic malaise of the Cold War has led to Genocide and Rastafarians have spoken against such activity. One particular song by Utan Green focuses on the hope of Africa, and the blessings of African Redemption. A contintent abounding with such Mineral Wealth and Agricultural / Fisheries Capacity shall not be in poverty. The AU/EU Meeting on 11/29/2017 can set an outstanding guise and means to ensure the contintent gets on track to retain its citizens rather the dispersing them to other areas for residence.
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OSS Wilhelm : The Covert Overt War Commences with Rastafarian's Words, Power and Sound.  Obtain seeds immediately to commence your own privatized Shareforth Power in Rastafari's Global Freedom Plantation.  Pence was accorded to the Presidency in January 2018 under Secret Service Guidance

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