We must consider Rastafarians require a job board, and encouragement to attain gainful employment. At ReggaeStation.net, regardless of the need to hire Spies for Rastafari's clause, we are aiming at the situation of hardship that many Blacks and minorities sense. Wherewith the intent to launder South American Drug Cartel funds into the US Treasury has passed as a failed test for the new administration, it is obvious that Russia (USSR) has set up the US into a plead deal with its own treasury. Donald Trump failed the Secret Service's initiated test at 7:04 AM - 7:05 AM Eastern Standard Time on January 21, 2017. His statements, whereby he cleared verbally the laundering of $700 Trillion USD in Narcotics Profit Funds - can potentially render his position as President to impeachable status. He was tested by the Royal Canadian Secret Service and a Secret Service Official operating from Ottawa and also one operating in Nova Scotia. The Royal Canadian Treasury noted this as a treacherous offense and has cataloged the data with NSA in Saint Jeane, Quebec. The first note was that this would lead to officiated impeachment whilst the trial would determine maximum intent for wrongdoing and violation of Constitutional Value. With actual recordings housed in Canada at NSA Saint Jeane, it is not clear whether Trump's intent to launder drug cartel profits would be noted in the public sphere. Many believe that current President Donald Trump bought the election and mismanaged his chances to lead. As opposed to George W. Bush, whom sought legislation immediately in 2001 for a number of major concerns and presided effectively over the War on Terror, Trump may be in a modern malaise. Bush's esteem during public emergency phase on all accords has demonstrated his skill in leadership.

One note, the US Treasury authorized seizure of Drug Cartel Funds, rather than laundering of funds. It is clear that if Trump authorized the laundering of Cartel Profits into the US Treasury, that this would be a violation of the US Constitution and an array of Federal Laws associated with US Citizenship and the Presidency itself. Currently, DIA has a program whereby - provisioned $10,000 loan payments are issued to non-violent foreign offenders - which in turn are meant to keep Domestic Cartel members from entering confinement in Guantanamo and repatriate them back to their original lands. In this Oliver North styled programme, the chance to plant legal agricultural crops and most importantly for Defense Intelligence Agency's program, for non-violent foreign narcotics law violation offenders to participate in domestic agrarian economies - local support in the War against Drug Importation can succeed. With funds seized and a more robust accountability of Treasury funds, the plan is DIA's move to placement.

Our Reggae Network is focused on the assigned justice role of Rastafari in the World's everspreading dialogue base.

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